Bushcraft videos

Take a look below at some of our ‘How to’ bushcraft videos. It’s worth coming back from time to time as we try to add new bushcraft videos when we can. The newest videos will appear at the top of the page.

Spoon Carving Day

A 10 minute video taken on our Spoon Carving course in May 2019.

Bushcraft weekend

A video shot by Nick Shallcross during a 2 Day Bushcraft Course in April 2019.

Foraging day

This video was shot by Nick Shallcross on a spring foraging day in April 2019.  It was a bit chilly, but a great day.

Herbal remedies day

This video was made by Rooster Teeth Productions as part of a series of challenges set for Burnie Burns’ assistant, Ellie. We had a fantatsic day and the video is great!

How to light a fire

How to dismantle your fire

How to use a traditional flint & steel

How to use a fire steel

How to put up a hammock & tarp

How to make a spatula

How to make nettle & ramson malfatti

How to make a fire by friction set

How to create a flame using fire by friction

How to skin a rabbit

How to make char cloth

How to make nettles on toast

How to make ramson & cheese scones

All of our bushcraft videos can be viewed on the Jack Raven Bushcraft YouTube channel.