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What’s it about?

Brand new in 2020, we’ve put together this winter bushcraft course for those of you that would like to try out your bushcraft skills in more challenging weather conditions.  And let’s face it, whilst lighting a fire is never without its trials, doing so in the winter is much more difficult.

In fact most aspects of bushcraft become more difficult with the change in seasons to winter, from simply staying warm and dry to collecting usable tinder and kindling, so if you want to test and improve your bushcraft skills, winter is the time to do it!

On this 2 day winter bushcraft course we will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to be comfortable outdoors at this time of year.

What will I do?

For this course we will be focusing on issues that you will encounter during a bushcraft trip in the winter; you will:

  • Have plenty of opportunity to use essential bushcraft tools including knife and folding saw,
  • Light fires using only natural materials that you source from the woods,
  • Prepare rabbit and cook it in a pot hanger that you’ve made,
  • Learn how heat is transferred and the practical applications associated with it,
  • Be taught how to use a fire to stay warm at night,
  • Prepare a debris shelter, bed and reflector and spend a night in it,
  • Find, filter and purify water,
  • Go for a woodland walk to work on winter tree and plant identification.

As it will be dark early we will use that time to:

  • Discuss kit essential for the winter,
  • Talk about the importance of first aid kits and what to have in them,
  • Look at a simple repair kits,
  • Identify north using the stars
  • Run a fun survival quiz.

At the end of the course you will have a good working knowledge of the skills needed to enjoy your time in the woods or enhance your camping or outdoor activities in the winter.

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Other information

Location: Westwell, Kent

Duration: 2 days

Start: 9am Saturday

End: 4pm Sunday

Course size: Maximum of 8

Catering: Fully catered

Note: There is a 20 minute walk from the meeting point to the camp. You’ll need to carry your own kit.

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