Our bushcraft camp

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Located on the Kent Downs, our  bushcraft camp is in an ancient woodland in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We have access to some 60 or so acres of broadleaf woodland situated entirely within private land.

The woodland contains some 25 or so species of native trees, more species of wild flowers than we’ve been able to count and an abundance of wildlife.  We are also able to take advantage of the surrounding fields and hedgerows for collecting plants on foraging walks.

Facilities at our bushcraft camp

Because we want you to be warm and dry during the time you spend on one of our bushcraft courses, we have an expedition style bushcraft camp in place with:

  • A yurt and wood burning stove (and an ample supply of firewood!),
  • A parachute to sit under for some activities, which is surprisingly waterproof,
  • A kitchen area so we can cook up good food,
  • Work benches and
  • A composting toilet.

We have areas where you can pitch a hammock, tarp or small tent, cleared of hanging dead wood.

Between Easter and the end of September, you can use the showers on a nearby campsite if you wish; there is no extra charge for this.