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Foraging for mushrooms

Both Nicola and I love running the Wildfoods and Woodland Cooking course; it’s right up there with our favourites.  Anything that involves eating good food is fine by me.  But we’ve restricted ourselves to running theses courses in the spring.  We get asked regularly if we do any foraging for mushrooms and we always have to […]

foraging for fungus

2 person debris shelter | south east | Kent

2 Person Debris Shelter 2

We teach debris shelters on our 2 Day Bushcraft  and 5 Day Bushcraft courses, mostly 1 person shelters rather than a 2 person debris shelter. We tend to focus on the structure of the shelter, so making sure that it’s robust and won’t collapse, but don’t spend too much time covering them.  We have some […]

Some old bushcrafty photos

I was looking for some holiday photos when I found a folder on my computer with some bushcraft photos.  So I’ve shared a few here for you all to see! I’m pretty sure that the first photo was taken in about 2002 somewhere about then and the next 2 in about 2003 – 04, or […]

bushcraft photos | south east | Kent

bronze axe head

Bronze axe head 1

Last week we ran our Axe Workshop.  Ho Kyung came along and brought a reproduction bronze axe head.  Ho Kyung’s girlfriend, Julie, is an archaeologist and lent him the axe head on the strict understanding he look after it.  He promptly forgot it and left it at our woodland camp.  I have it in safe keeping […]

axe course | bushcraft | south east | Kent

Axe Course

We ran our axe course over the last weekend and had a great time.  The axe is a really versatile tool and makes many bushcraft tasks much quicker, but it needs to be treated with respect.  You can’t afford to make mistakes with an axe as the consequences can be nasty.  We place a lot […]