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Last weekend 1

Been a busy few days.  Nicola and I had a good weekend at the farm doing some workshops with the campers; the carving went down especially well.  Saturday we sat in the barn because of the rain, but Sunday was glorious sat in the sun carving away.

cattle trough | Willow

Cattle troughs and daft dogs 1

Yesterday Willow decided to jump in the cattle trough at the bottom of the field adjacent to our woodland camp.  Previously she’s always walked straight past it without so much as a second glance.  Maybe it was because the weather was a bit warmer, maybe it was just curiosity, who knows.  Unfortunately for her though it turned out […]

Wilderness Gathering 2012 1

Fresh back from the Wilderness Gathering 2012 and can say that we had an absolutely fantastic time. Nicola and I arrived Thursday afternoon and set up the stand.  We had a minor set back with a pole that snapped, but some para cord soon put that right.  We made a couple of modifications; the sides […]

Wiki-up debris shelter

bushcraft camp | south east | Kent

Wilderness Gathering

Nicola and I will be at the Wilderness Gathering next week.  We have a trade stand in the Deer Field.  Drop by and say hello if you are there.  This is probably one of the biggest events in the bushcraft and survival world in the UK and we’re really looking forward to going along for […]