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Ground Ivy
Germander Speedwell
Purple Losestrife
Small Balsam
Golden Saxifrage
Lesser Periwinkle
Winter Cress
Lords & Ladies
Yellow Pimpernell
Dog's Mercury

We consider ourselves to be very fortunate to spend our time in the great British countryside. It allows us to spend time looking at flora and fauna in all its glory. Most of the photos of wildflowers in this album have been taken in and around our ancient woodland camp on the North downs in Kent, although some have been taken at other locations in the UK, including some from Dorset, Sussex, Devon, the Kent coast and the Isle of Arran.

We put plenty of time into identifying trees and plants on all of our bushcraft courses, but if you want to find out about which wildflowers are edible, try our Wildfoods & Woodland Cooking course; and if you want to know more about herbal medicines, look here.

You can view loads more photos taken on these courses, plus all of our other courses, on our Facebook page.