Course Calendar

2017 Course Dates  Places remaining
March 2017
Saturday 4th Private Booking
Friday 10th – Sunday 12th March Weekend Survival Course Full
Friday 17th – Sunday 19th 2 Day Bushcraft Course 2
Wednesday 22nd – Sunday 26th 5 Day Bushcraft Experience 3
April 2017
Saturday 1st Private Booking
Friday 7th – Sunday 9th Institute for Outdoor Learning Bushcraft Competency 1
Friday 14th Private Booking
Saturday 15th 1 Day Spring Forage Full
Sunday 16th 1 Day Bushcraft Course 4
Monday 17th Private Booking
Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd Axe Workshop 1
Wednesday 26th Private Booking
Friday 28th – Sunday 30th May Day Meet
May 2017
Saturday 6th Tracking & Nature Awareness 3
Sunday 7th Herbal Remedies Full
Friday 12th – Sunday 14th 2 Day Bushcraft Course Full
Wednesday 17th – Sunday 21st Blacksmithing, Bodging & Bushcraft 3
Saturday 27th Cordage & Containers Day 3
Sunday 28th Mindfulness in the woods 3
June 2017
Saturday 3rd Private Booking
Sunday 4th Private Booking
Monday 5th Private Booking
Tuesday 6th Private Booking
Friday 9th Private Booking
Saturday 10th Private Booking
Sunday 11th Leather Working Day Full
Fri 16th – Sunday 18th Nordic Crafts Full
Sunday 25th 1 Day Spoon Carving Full
July 2017
Friday 7th – Sunday 10th Kent County Show
Monday 11th Private Booking
Tuesday 12th Private Booking
Friday 14th – Sunday 16th 2 Day Bushcraft Course Full
Wednesday 19th – Sunday 23rd 5 Day Bushcraft Experience Full
Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th Family Bushcraft Weekend 2
August 2017
Friday 4th – Sunday 6th Institute for Outdoor Learning Bushcraft Competency 3
Saturday 12th 1 Day Family Bushcraft 2
Sunday 13th Fire Lighting Day 5
Friday 18th – Sunday 20th Nordic Crafts Full
Saturday 26th Tracking & Nature Awareness 7
Sunday 27th Herbal Remedies 3
September 2017
Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd 2 Day Bushcraft Course Full
Saturday 16th Private Booking
Sunday 17th 1 Day Autumn Forage Full
Saturday 23rd Mindfulness in the woods 6
Sunday 24th Capstone Festival
Wednesday 27th – Sunday 1st October 5 Day Bushcraft Experience 4
October 2017
Friday 6th – Sunday 8th 2 Day Fruits & Fungus Forage Full
Friday 13th – Sunday 15th Nordic Crafts 4
Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd Greenwood Working Weekend 6
Friday 27th – Sunday 29th Institute for Outdoor Learning Bushcraft Competency 4
November 2017
Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th 2 Day Bushcraft Course 6
Friday 10th – Sunday 12th Weekend Survival Course 6
Wednesday 15th – Sunday 19th 5 Day Survival Course 2
December 2017
Saturday 2nd Leather Working Day 6

We don’t have any bushcraft courses scheduled in over the winter, but if you have a group of people who would like to do something, just get in touch and we’ll arrange it.

You can see photos from our previous courses on our Facebook page.