Corporate Outdoor Activities

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Our corporate outdoor activities:

  • Team Building
    A Jack Raven Bushcraft team building event will provide your team with a set of fun, informative and challenging tasks based around a realistic survival scenario.  Your team will need to plan and prioritise a number of potentially life saving activities, including lighting a fire, building a shelter and making water safe to drink, with only limited tools and equipment.  But don’t worry, we’ll provide instruction and  guidance as well as keeping an eye out for any hazards… [Further Details]
  • Mindfulness Training
    Mindfulness is the ability to notice what’s here in this present moment, without judgement.  It enables us to have a greater awareness of our mind and our body, as well as the world around us and the people in it.  Known as ‘fitness training for the brain’, regular mindfulness practice is scientifically proven to result in tangible, transformational, life-enhancing benefits… [Further Details]

corporate outdoor activities | Kent | London | south east |mindfulness

Outdoor Activities, Team Building & Mindfulness Training

We’ve put together a range of corporate outdoor activities to meet the needs of the modern business.

We run team building and leadership events and corporate mindfulness training to provide a never to be forgotten experience for your staff.

We also provide a wide range of courses covering topics such as foraging, nature awareness, green wood working and many more.

Where do your corporate activities take place?

Jack Raven Bushcraft corporate activities take place in Westwell, Kent, just 50 miles from the centre of London, in quite stunning ancient woodland in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We have access to around 60 or so acres of broadleaf woodland.  Our camp is in a private woodland, which itself is in the middle of private land.

What previous experience do participants need?

All of our activities are designed so that participants don’t need any previous experience, and are entirely hands on so that you leave us with simple, practical and repeatable skills. We are certain that you will have a lot of fun along the way!