Weekend Survival Course

Survival weekend in Kent, south east, London, UK

Who’s it for?

We’re often asked the difference between bushcraft and survival and perhaps the simplest way to explain is to say that survival is finding yourself in a life threatening situation that you need to get out of.

With that in mind, this weekend survival course has been designed for anyone who wants to learn some of the skills that are essential in a survival situation.  We’ve put this course together for people who spend time outdoors in the UK and would like to be better prepared in the event of an emergency.

What will I do?

Many of the skills found in bushcraft are transferable to survival.  During your time spent with us on this weekend survival course we’ll concentrate on simple skills that you can do when you’re cold and wet, tired, de-hydrated and hungry. The focus is on using improvised techniques and minimal equipment.  You will:

  • Gain an understanding of how survival scenarios come  about, and how to avoid getting into one!
  • Learn the biggest killers in a survival situation and what to do about them,
  • Have plenty of practise creating a flame using matches, lighters and fire steels,
  • Locate and identify different natural tinders easily found in the British countryside,
  • Learn about improvised, man made tinders,
  • Gather your own materials and light a fire following a method that will work in all weather conditions,
  • Safely use a knife to accomplish common tasks,
  • Learn how to prepare and cook rabbit and fish,
  • Make an improvised debris shelter,
  • Learn 3 simple knots that can be tied and untied wearing gloves and make an improvised shelter from salvaged polythene,
  • Find, filter and purify your own water, including digging a gypsy well, and making an improvised water filter,
  • Go for a woodland walk to gain an insight into some of the trees and plants around us and what they can be used for,
  • Make a signal fire to alert potential rescuers,
  • Look through typical commercial survival tins,
  • Understand why you should make your own survival kit, and what should go in it.

At the end of this weekend survival course  you will have learnt how to avoid getting into a survival situation as well as gained a good working knowledge of some of the skills should you find yourself in one.

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Other information

Location: Westwell, Kent

Duration: 2 days

Start: 6pm Friday

End: 4pm Sunday

Course size: Maximum of 8

Catering: Fully catered

Note: There is a short walk from the meeting point to the camp. We’ll transport your bags in our 4×4

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 5 reviews
by Kevin Rhodes on Jack Raven Bushcraft
November 2106

Really enjoyed my weekend on the survival course - l learned a lot. Information was pitched at the right level for each participants ability. Would luv to do something like this again with friends / family if I can persuade them to sleep underneath the stars. Well done to Gary and Nicki & a big thanks to Bob and Peter who gave great support over the two days.

by Michael White on Jack Raven Bushcraft
Weekend survival course

Excellent weekend, very informative, great people and great food, just got back from the 2 day survival course and had a great time, I would definitely recommend it to everyone and will definitely be booking the 5 day bushcraft course sometime in the future.

Survival weekend

What a fantastic weekend. I learnt many new skills and gained knowledge from master Gary. This was my first survival course but not the last. I will definitely book another course but this time for 5 days as it is great to escape from busy London to peaceful woodland. Company was great, food was lovely, camp set up is also brilliant. I love the whole experience.

by Jason Tilbury on Jack Raven Bushcraft

I had a great weekend away with the Jack Raven team. A relaxed, friendly and well informed course going over the fundamentals of survival. From fire to food, which kit you should carry (or not) no matter the size of your adventure. Simple tips to help you find your way out of potentially hazardous situations, Also an amazing rabbit casserole prepared by Nicola and the group, all cooked in the pit oven. I Would highly recommend this course and I'm already planning the next one.

by Jenny Benham on Jack Raven Bushcraft
Survival weekend review

I survived .. Ive learned how to carve properly (pegs and wedges for holding a shelter... Lots of methods of how to light fires using man-made and natural tinders excellorators and different ways to make sparks how to make different shelters using tarpaulin using different knots and also using natural material found in the woods..Also how to recognise edible and poisonous plants... How to recognise trees which are good for what bushcraft job...ie firewood or fencing...how to obtain water from different sources and how to purify it.. how to light a fire that will light in any weather...and how to sharpen a knife 🔪 properly..We learned how to skin a rabbit successfully and build an under ground oven we learned the most appropriate and best things to put in a survival pack (I'm making one up for us for the car and we can take it to JA when we go) just incase...The man running the course (Gary) is a fountain of knowledge and I was forever asking questions...I deffo got my monies worth 👍 incredible weekend I had a brilliant time. THANK YOU jackravenbushcraft team