Mindfulness in the Woods

nature based mindfulness training | mindfulness in nature | Kent | southeast | LondonWhat is ‘mindfulness in the woods’?

As human beings, we are intrinsically connected to nature.  However, many of us now live or work in towns and cities, so over the years we have lost this connection.  Our lives can be very frantic – which can have a negative impact on us physically and emotionally, especially when we ‘relax’ by spending hours with our phones, computers and TV.

In our busy lives, we are often rushing and on ‘autopilot’ – so sometimes we don’t notice, or fully appreciate, what’s here.  Net result – we have become disconnected …. not only from nature, but from ourselves and from others around us too.

At our ‘mindfulness in the woods’ events, we immerse ourselves in the beautiful natural setting of the stunning ancient woods at Westwell, and introduce you to some simple techniques to ‘wake up the senses’ so that you can fully experience nature at its best.  This enables you to re-connect with the natural elements and promotes a profound sense of balance, peace and harmony.


The richness of nature provides food for the senses
Mindfulness gives us the tools to savour nature …. and quieten the mind.


Partnering with Jayne Dunsbee from Inspirational Changes, we’ve combined her expertise in mindfulness and our knowledge of the natural world, to put together a fabulous “Mindfulness in the woods” programme.

Mindfulness in the woods

What will I get from mindfulness in the woods?

Simply being in the woods brings an immediate calmness, helping you to feel refreshed and invigorated. A wealth of scientific evidence also validates that being in the natural world is good for us, both mentally and physically. Proven benefits include reduction in stress, anxiety and blood pressure, and an increase in positivity, ability to focus and energy levels, as well as a boosted immune system.

Here’s what people who have experienced ‘mindfulness in the woods’ told us they got from it:


“Step off the treadmill of life that is going at 900mph – STOP and literally smell the fresh air”
“I can highly recommend this for anyone who wants to get back to nature, reduce stress, be more calm, become more present and aware and learn about foraging”
“Excellent pragmatic approach and lots of time in nature”
“The day felt like I’d been away from the frantic world for about a week!”
“I dare anyone to attend and not come away with at least one tool that will enable you to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life”
“I found it more nourishing than a weekend at a spa!”


mindfulness in the woods | south east | Kent | London

Wake up and smell the wood sorrel!

What will I do?

As part of a small group, you will immerse yourself in the peace and tranquillity of the stunning woods, the surrounding countryside and natural habitat.

To help you fully experience all that nature has to offer, you will also learn some simple techniques which will allow you to open up all of your senses and explore what’s here.  These mindfulness techniques are introduced in a very practical and down to earth way, and you will also take away tools and tips which you can apply in your daily life … so you stop and connect with the present, even when you’re not in the woods.

Mindfulness in the woods

You will also experience a wonderful, nourishing, nature-based lunch – it has been described as “5 star hotel standard”, so it is woodland cooking at it’s absolute best.

How long does it last?

We currently offer two options:

  • A full day Mindfulness Retreat starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm, or
  • An overnight Mindfulness Retreat which starts at 10am on day 1 and finishes at 4pm on day 2

All options are run from our expedition style ancient woodland camp, equipped with a heated yurt, workbenches, kitchen area and composting toilet.

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Other information

Location: Westwell, Kent

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Start: 10am

End: 4pm

Course size: Maximum of 8

Catering: Fully catered

Note: There is a short walk from the meeting point to the camp. We’ll transport your bags in our 4×4

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 4 reviews
by Nicholas Henry on Jack Raven Bushcraft
Sept 2017

As I am a novice to mindfulness and bushcraft, I felt that the whole experience was AWESOME.From introduction stage at 10am I met Gary and Jayne (Guides) who were very welcoming and knowledgeable.I had many preconceptions and expectations before I arrived, which is NOT advisable, should you wish to maximise your day and embrace new information.Food from the in house chef (Nicola) was scrumptious filling and healthy. Would travel just to experience another dinner.Jayne and the mindfulness experience allows you to be open minded, still within the moment and to experience peace.Gary and the bushcraft experience was very knowledgeable and felt like a great bushcraft yoda.My team was small but they were all open minded, eager to learn and great to be around.Thank you ALL again and look forward to coming back soon.YOU MUST EXPERIENCE THIS TOO.

by Sue Fish on Jack Raven Bushcraft
June 2016

I can highly recommend this nature based mindfulness course with Jayne Dunsbee and Jack Raven Bushcraft for anyone who wants to get back to nature, reduce stress, be more calm, become more present and aware, learn about foraging etc. Stunning location, inspirational and knowledgeable instructors and really tasty food including the opal fruit tasting Wood Sorrel! Thank you so much for an amazing day 🙂

by Diarmuid on Jack Raven Bushcraft

Really enjoyed this day. Wasn't sure what to expect but was much better than I could have hoped. Excellent pragmatic approach. Lots of time in nature. The lunch was outstanding and the "tea ceremony" an added bonus. Hope to return. Thank you Jayne, Gary and Nicola 😊

by Angela Brier-Stephenson on Jack Raven Bushcraft
Nature Based Mindfulness - a must for us all

What a wonderful "day off" away from the busy-ness of life. Jayne, Nicola and Gary have created an excellent day for you to step off the treadmill of life that is going at 900 mph and STOP and literally smell the fresh air. The day started with a slow stroll to our "camp" in the woods, who wouldn't feel instantly relaxed and nourished, even if the rain comes (which they didn't for us). Jayne introduces Mindfulness in such a practical down to earth way, you realise you can take away tools for life and that you don't have to be in the woods to stop and connect with the present. Our day of foraging, infusions, nature based lunch of a 5 star hotel standard and more mindfulness practices left me feeling nourished both physically and mentally. The day felt like I'd been away from the frantic world for about a week, in a good way, and I dare anyone to attend and not come away with at least one tool that will enable you to incorporate Mindfulness into your daily lives. If you want to learn about the benefits of Nature and Mindfulness then book on one of these retreat days/weekends as they are very experiential, no sitting down reading books or being lectured to. A fabulous day. Here's to many more. thanks Jayne, Nicola and Gary, you are an awesome team.