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What’s it about?

Brand new in 2018, our applied bushcraft weekend has been carefully designed for people who have some existing bushcraft experience and are looking at putting their skills and knowledge into practice.  This means that, whilst we’ll be teaching some new skills, you’ll need to set up your own camp and light your own fires.

There are no frills, no showers, no toilets, no pre-erected shelters and you will either carry or construct everything you need as you go.  This one is all about ‘the more you know, the less you need to carry’.

What will I do?

The course is all about developing your bushcraft skillset and building your experience of travelling and living in the woods.  From the very start of your applied bushcraft weekend you’ll need to be self-reliant.  From the meeting point you’ll traverse a stunning section of the North Downs, carrying all of your equipment with you, and set up camp in a virgin woodland location; from there you’ll light a fire and cook your own evening meal.

The next morning, after lighting another fire and cooking your own breakfast, you’ll move to a new location and set up camp again.  And then on the last day, you’ll once more de-camp and move to the final location of the weekend.

During your time spent with us on this applied bushcraft course, you will:

  • Put into practice previously learnt skills,
  • Safely use essential bushcraft tools including knife, folding saw and bow saw,
  • Make simple camp items such as tent pegs and cooking utensils,
  • Make a woodland multi-tool incorporating throwing stick, digging stick and mallet,
  • Light a number of fires with your own fire lighting kit,
  • Make a pot hanger to boil water and cook over,
  • Learn different methods of backwoods cooking,
  • Sharpen your knife in the field,
  • And of course, study the many trees and plants around us and understand what they can be used for,
  • Leave no trace!

At the end of this applied bushcraft course you will have increased your skills, knowledge and resilience and be better placed to undertake your own bushcraft adventures.

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Other information

Location: Westwell, Kent

Duration: 2 days

Start: 6pm Friday

End: 4pm Sunday

Course size: Maximum of 8

Catering: We’ll provide the food, you’ll cook it yourself

Note: You will be carrying all of your kit with you for the entire duartion, so pack accordingly

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Jack Raven Bushcraft
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 3 reviews
by Vicky Eyles on Jack Raven Bushcraft
Challenge your bushcraft skills

Another fantastic course from Jack Raven Bushcraft. The weekend was well-paced, extremely well supported and presented many opportunities to challenge known skills whilst learning new. On meeting at the car park, we were given food supplies for the weekend to carry in our packs and set off up the hills and through the woods. We set up camp on the Friday evening, finding the perfect site ourselves and setting everything up on our own (although Gary and Peter were always on hand to help if needed). Collecting our own firewood, we cooked our own dinner, coming together to eat and chat. After a good night's sleep, we woke to cook bangers and bannock, then packed up camp, walked through more beautiful woodland to our second camp. After setting up our own spots again, we spent the day creating items to help with our camp, explored the woods and learned about natural history. A woodland multi tool, pot hangers, nettle cordage prep, exploring plant ID and animal ID, more fire laying, lighting and cooking, water filtration and purification, more chatting and laughs filled the second day. On the final day, we packed up camp and walked to the usual JR base camp where we finished our nettle cordage, ate more excellent food, explored more woodland and learned plant ID, practiced bow drill fire-by-friction and reflected on our time, kit choices and lessons learned. I cannot recommend these courses enough - this one is definitely for those with some experience under their belt. Thanks to Gary, Pete, Nicola and, of course, Willow.

by Drew on Jack Raven Bushcraft
Great to learn new skills and build confidence.

The Applied Bushcraft weekend teaches you some more advanced bushcraft techniques and builds confidence in your existing skills. Moving from one campsite to another enhances the efficiency of setting up your camping spot, building and lighting fires then breaking down your camp, extinguishing your fire and clearing the area to leave no trace. All under the extremely knowledgeable eyes of the friendly Jack Raven staff. Highly recommended if you have some existing experience you want to build on. Thank you Gary, Peter, Nicola and, of course, Willow. See you next time.

by Neil Harris on Jack Raven Bushcraft
Very comprehensive and varied weekend

Well what a weekend! I have been on 2 previous courses with Jack Raven (i..e Gary and the team) and they keep getting better. This isn't a course to just start out in Bushcraft as it assumes a basic knowledge of how to set up your shelter (hammock and tarp for me), make an open fire, cook on it, purify / filter water etc (although I am sure Gary would help out if you were stuck on any of them) - this is the next step that takes those for granted and then pushes you one step further. It appealed to me as I was looking for a safe toe into wild camping and this had it covered in spades with Gary and Peter on hand to make sure we were doing the basics right before taking us further on our Bushcraft journey. The extra training on things like making a pot hanger, friction fire etc were up to Gary's usual standard and even the pre-prepared camping meals (for us to cook ourselves) were better than I cook at home (thanks Nicola). A very worthwhile investment of time and money if you value skills higher than equipment. Highly recommended training, venue and above all people. Gary, Nicola and Peter are all knowledgeable and nice people who I thoroughly enjoyed spending the weekend with (not forgetting Willow the dog)! I am already booked on the next course and eyeing up a few more.