2 Day Bushcraft Course

2 Day Bushcraft Course

Who’s it for?

Our 2 day bushcraft course has been carefully designed to initiate you into the joys of outdoor living, although many of the skills that you will be taught are easily transferable to other outdoor activities.

This 2 day bushcraft course is intended for people who would like to understand what bushcraft is all about and to learn simple, repeatable bushcraft and survival skills, including campers, backpackers, hikers and other outdoors people who wish to learn some of the skills required to be  comfortable in the outdoors, so that you have the time to really enjoy what is around you.

What will I do?

During your time spent with us on this bushcraft course, you will:

  • Learn how to safely use essential bushcraft tools including knife, folding saw and bow saw,
  • Have plenty of practise creating a flame using matches, fire steels, fire pistons, wire wool & a battery, solar mirrors, flint & steel, chemicals and fire by friction,
  • Carve your own honey spreader or spatula from materials you gather in our ancient woodland,
  • Understand the pros and cons of debris shelters, where & how to build one, and sleep in one if you wish,
  • Put up a tarp and hammock using only 3 simple knots that can be tied and untied wearing gloves (you can sleep in a hammock if you like),
  • Find, filter and purify your own water,
  • Go for a woodland walk to gain an insight into some of the trees and plants around us and what they can be used for,
  • Learn how to sharpen a knife so that it will slice through a sheet of paper,
  • Locate and identify different natural tinders easily found in the woods,
  • Gather your own materials and light a fire following a method that will work in all weather conditions.

At the end of this bushcraft course you will have a good working knowledge of the skills needed to enjoy your time in the woods or enhance your camping or outdoor activities.

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Other information

Location: Westwell, Kent

Duration: 2 days

Start: 6pm Friday

End: 4pm Sunday

Course size: Maximum of 8

Catering: Fully catered

Note: There is a short walk from the meeting point to the camp. We’ll transport your bags in our 4×4

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 58 reviews
by Jade Lay on Jack Raven Bushcraft
November 2017

Just home from the 2 day bushcraft course. Wish I had signed myself up for the 5 day course, although the 2 days covered a broad range of skills for the available time, including fire-lighting, foraging, plant identification, knife sharpening, knots and setting up tarp and hammock. We had all the facilities we required on site (*ahem* a compost loo with a lockable door) and catering was spot on. I was never hungry. Camping in November with the metabolism of a chipmunk, I expected to be famished the whole time. We were well looked after, and there was never an issue of discomfort distracting from the learning.I was a slow learner with the knots, but they didn't give up on me, and I had them down by the time I went home.Thanks guys, I am really pleased with the knowledge I went home with, and look forward to trying it all out on my future solo camping adventures.For all the thrill I had with the fire-starting, my favourite bit was the plant identification, and I'm really tempted by both the 'foraging' and 'herbal rememdies' workshops. Have you guys ever considered putting those 2 together as a 2 day workshop also? That would be a fascinating weekend!Thank you so much for this weekends experience. I am thrilled to know how to get consistent results from a ferrocerium rod now 🙂

by Daryn Bramble on Jack Raven Bushcraft
Worth every penny.

Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, Gary, Nicola and Ho Kyung were great hosts, and made sure we were taken care of and that it was an engaging and educational weekend. I came away feeling as if I learned a great deal, and was a little sad to leave. Hoping to return for a five day course soon.

by Alexa Brookes on Jack Raven Bushcraft
September 2017

Absolutely awesome weekend with Gary, Bob, Nicola and Willow! The team are so knowledgeable and friendly - we didn't want to leave! See you guys again soon - we'll be back for Nordic crafts!

by Martin Swan-Beney on Jack Raven Bushcraft
July 2017

Thanks very much to Gary, Nicola and Peter for making the course so enjoyable. It was nice that we could learn and still be able to chill out and enjoy the woodland surroundings and not have to leap out of bed at 6amSo glad I did it and I have thought about doing a Bushcraft course for many years. Not sure why I didn't do it earlier, but when I found out it was pretty much on my doorstep, I had to take the plunge!A good small group, lovely food supplied by Nicola nom,nom,nom and the added bonus of the camp dog Willow. Such a lovely temperamentI was tempted to stay in the woods after the course had finished, but I think they would have noticed my bright blue tent amongst the trees!A big THANK YOU to you all and I would highly recommend doing this course to anyone!

by Elain Doody on Jack Raven Bushcraft
July 2017

Just back from the weekend bushcraft course and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very nice people - Gary was very professional and helpful and knowledgeable. Peter was also brilliant to have helping us out. We learnt a lot of helpful new skills in a fun, hands on, nicely paced way. The food was delicious (thanks a lot Nicola) and I am very happy I attended this course. Highly recommend.

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